What You Need to Know About Landing Pages: Myths, Debunked

Developing and optimizing your landing pages to help convert sales can be quite tricky, time-consuming, and frustrating, especially without a clear plan. Many business owners think that landing pages are minor features of your website, but the fact is, these pages hold an impressive role in increasing your online sales. 

Fortunately, working with a digital marketing agency in Montreal, such as We Believe That, can help you develop your landing pages that can enhance the effectiveness of your website. With a dedicated spot where visitors can learn more about your advertising campaigns, you can have higher chances of leaving a significant mark on the digital marketplace. 

Sadly, a few myths are going around about landing pages that could ultimately affect how you design and optimize your website. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve debunked some of the most common myths for you!

Quick Landing Page FAQs

Before diving into the myths, let’s go over some of the frequently asked questions regarding landing pages to give you a better overview of its functions.

What is a landing page’s main purpose?

A landing page is meant to encourage visitors to take action on your website, particularly buy your products and services. Other than that, it also helps generate more leads. 

Do I need to have landing pages on my website?

Landing pages are valuable parts of your website and overall marketing strategy because it pushes your leads to follow your call-to-action, which ultimately boost your online presence and sales, helping you achieve your marketing goals. 

How do I optimize my landing page for SEO?

First, you need to ensure that you have a custom URL and that you’ve identified the right keywords to use in your landing pages. Make sure that you secure backlinks on your page, optimize its speed, and have shareable content. 

Common Landing Page Myths

Myth #1: Long-form strategy isn’t effective

Many people believe that the world of design and online marketing thrives in short-but-sweet content. However, the main purpose of a landing page is to engage with your consumers and catch their attention, and what better way to do it than by telling a story?

Having long-form pages is an effective way to address consumer inquiries, comments, and objections. Basically, your landing page will serve as a central location for all the relevant details regarding your products, services, or promotional offers, making it the perfect space for you to convince them to try your services. 

Myth #2: “Hard” sell is the only option

Not all call-to-actions need to be “Buy now!” or “Sign up before it’s too late!” These hard selling techniques could do more harm to your business than good and could even drive consumers away. 

Instead, incorporate story-like techniques to create more engagement and spark curiosity among your consumers. This is why it’s important to ensure your landing pages hold personalized, empathic, and authentic content, so you can touch your consumer’s hearts and build a better relationship with them. 

Myth #3: You need to stay firm with your message

Because the digital landscape will keep changing, your business must remain flexible to change. This means that although you have a solid message and purpose, make sure that you’re not overly “attached” to your sentiments. 

When you’re too attached, it could affect your team’s decision-making process, weaken your operations, and give you marketing troubles in the long run.

To help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape, ensure that you always connect with your customers and find out what they want. Working with a digital marketing agency will help you create comprehensive strategies that will help you produce relevant and compelling content. 

The Bottom Line: Your Website Needs Effective Landing Pages

Just because you finally have a website doesn’t mean that your job here is done. The fact is, you’ll need to do constant work to continually provide relevant content on your landing pages to help generate more leads and convert sales.

This is why you must work with a team of experienced marketers and designers from a reputable digital marketing agency to ensure that your website is of high-quality and has effective and insightful content that will help your consumers. 

Work with Digital Marketing Professionals

If you’re having trouble developing your website and building a marketing strategy, consider collaborating with our team. We Believe That is a digital marketing agency in Montreal with a team of passionate digital experts who find ways to elevate our client’s businesses by listening to their needs and goals. Got a project in mind? Let’s start working on it today!

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