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Common Types of Explainer Videos and Their Technical Features

Explainer videos are short and concise clips that aim to exhibit a company’s products and services to the target audience. Unlike a full-blown promotional video, these wouldn’t take much of a viewer’s time to watch since they are straightforward, packed with a summary of all the needed information, and are filled with enough graphics and visual cues to help them understand what they’re all about. 

But aside from that, did you know that explainer videos have their own variants as well? Depending on the client’s preference, an explainer video may take on any form that would serve its purpose of delivering the general context of the products or services. The following are just some of the most common examples of the explainer videos and their technical features.


Mostly focusing on the main speaker or narrator on-screen, this type of explainer video works best as a form of a “demo,” a mini instructional video that would showcase how a certain product or service is utilized. Think of your average food blender and vacuum cleaner commercials, wherein the narrator is also the one demonstrating how the product is being used.

2D Animation

If an explainer video takes the form of a “cartoon,” it is considered a 2D animation video. As a matter of fact, all forms of animation that do not exhibit 3-dimensional space are identified as a 2D medium! The perfect example for this would be your old corn flakes commercials, wherein the mascot is animated straight out of the cereal box and onto the cartoon kitchen.

3D Animation

One of the major innovations brought about by technology is 3D animation. While 2D animations are considered “flat,” 3-dimensional graphics would utilize the illusion of space and surfaces, delivering a lifelike animation that would nowadays rival live-action performances.

Now, there used to be a time when these variants would be showcased separately, with each of them having their own individual sets of commercials. However, as time went on, the clients would request a combination of these variants in one single explainer video, creating a clip that further captivates the target audience’s imagination.

FAQs: Explainer Videos and Businesses

Where Would I Place My Explainer Video?

If your business has a website, then you may insert your explainer video on the homepage itself. Depending on the context of your video, you may even post it on your social media page, your email campaigns, or your landing pages. 

Which Explainer Video Would Be Right for My Business?

This would be best answered by you and you alone! As the owner of your venture, you should know what tone would work best for your ads and which of these explainer video variants would better represent that tone. A more serious approach may need you to take up on the live-action variant, while a more trivial approach may enable you to push forward with either 2D or 3D animation.

Are Explainer Videos Efficient In Getting the Message Across Towards My Target Audience?

Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, explainer videos are your effective “fishhooks” in baiting potential leads or customers. By introducing your brand, your products or services, and your current deals and discounts with a short clip, you are able to catch their attention more efficiently than any long-form commercial that they may either skip or switch through.


Explainer videos are an effective tool to gain more followers and leads towards your business. While it is a lot shorter than your average commercial, it is also precise and straight-to-the-point when it comes to conveying a brand’s core message. This makes it more convenient for your target audience since most of them do not have the time to sit through a long commercial. Indeed, with the proper strategy and execution, explainer videos could be a contender for the top online marketing tool in today’s market.

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