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Tips for Content Marketing So That Leads Become Customers

Content marketing has many facets, but one of its key purposes is conversion. The good news is, this aspect of content marketing has basics that anyone can pick up. Content writing with the goal of conversion can almost feel like a game that never ends. 

A lot of it involves repeated forays into persuasion. That said, there are several variables in terms of approach. This depends entirely on copywriting formats, target audiences, and goals. However, there are definitely techniques that can help with the process.

How Can Content Marketing Transform Leads Into Customers?

Ensure That Your CTA Is Clear

The call-to-action or CTA is one of the most key pieces of content that converts. The whole point is to generate as many conversions as possible. When the desired action is not explicitly stated, the audience is going to be left wondering why they’re on that page in the first place. No matter the touchpoint within your digital marketing plan, the CTA needs to be unmistakably visible. 

Make Sure Your Headlines Are Compelling

Headline copy on social media and elsewhere is read by a whopping 8 out of 10 people. However, in contrast, only two of those will actually read the content. When the headline is weak, then a possible client or customer is lost even before the content can get the job done somehow. 

Use A/B Tests on the Web Copy

Use the most straightforward way for data to be maximized for predicting which version of copy is best: A/B testing. It’s important for an A/B test to run successfully, which can be done through both versions (A and B) being very similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Ensure That My CTA Is Clear? 

That needs to be evident within buttons and text, both in the actual website copy, landing pages, ads, and around all of it. Make sure it’s action-oriented, going for things like “Request a Live Demo” or “Sign Up for a Free Trial Today.”

How Can I Hook Readers With Headlines?

Making sure there’s an evident benefit is a great hook to reel audiences in. A key way to go about this is having the content’s very essence encapsulated well. When it comes to word count, try to stick with seven words at the most. Get as straight to the point as possible.

What’s an Example of A/B Testing?

Take an ad, for example. An A/B test for that would mean running two various headlines for the same ad. In that way, there can be clear data on which one will resonate in the best possible way with possible customers. The test segment will be able to determine the winner, which can then be the final copy used at the end.

Look into continuously A/B testing landing page elements as well to have a great pay-per-click marketing strategy in full effect.


Conversion copywriting is one of the most interesting fields of writing there is. It’s like an endless game of persuasion with several moving pieces: approaches vary between goals, copywriting formats, and audiences. Key tips for this include A/B testing content, making sure the headlines are compelling, and ensuring the CTA is clear.

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