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Stay on Top of Your Social Media Game Across All Platforms

Companies and organizations have found a great way to manage prospects, get more leads, and keep their existing customers in the loop. It’s widely popular no matter what industry you’re in and wherever in the world you are: social media.

At this point, life without social media seems like it took place eons ago. People use social media today to meet one of their very basic needs: communication. Keeping up with family and friends through a messenger service is common. What’s also become far more common is using social media in order to assist with marketing. This is because it allows for the efficiency of communication across a wide range of audiences.

How can one stay on top of their social media marketing across all platforms?

There are a number of platforms available on social media. There’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few. All of these platforms update often and these changes all add more functionality and even design factors. Each one has a different use and, to some extent, varying audiences.

How can you determine a target audience for your brand?

Determine these factors in order to zero in on your ideal audience:

  • Demographic profile
  • Interests
  • Reasons for tuning in to certain content
  • Ways they consume content

What are the most popular social media platforms today?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to be on all of them.

While it may seem like the point of staying on top of a social media game is to get attention, the truth is that a single viral post does not guarantee success. Sustainability matters because a flash in the pan won’t make things stick in people’s minds for too long.

Some tips on staying on top of one’s social media game across all platforms include the following:

Have a set, solid strategy in place

When there’s no set plan or guidelines, things can go awry pretty quickly. That’s the last thing any business needs. Figuring out goals and the best way to achieve them is key to having content that’s best tailored for the target audience. 

Decide which platforms will be most effective

While it can be tempting to just sign up for everything and have content on each, that can quickly lead to chaos. We can’t forget to mention the entire endeavour turning into an overwhelming task instead of one that makes things easier overall. Depending on the audience at hand and intended content based on strengths, that could mean YouTube and TikTok for videos instead of Twitter for quick quips.

Keep in mind that social media platforms allow for user-customized advertising. There are millions of users on Facebook alone, for example. Paid ads can be a great help.

Take followers into account

Step into the shoes of potential clients. They’re more likely to trust a page with plenty of followers and consistent, substantial posts instead of one that has barely any followers and posts from a year ago. Aside from having an active social media presence, the content needs to be engaging. This way, more people will be drawn in.


Social media is a great tool not just for keeping up with family. It can help businesses in a major way with marketing when used correctly. Stay on top of your social media game by deciding which platforms will work best, determining your target audience, and taking followers into account.

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