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3 Aspects of Social Media Marketing You Need to Stay Consistent

In the business world, consistency is key when it comes to ensuring success. This applies to anything from maintaining consistent quality products that customers buy or offering a consistent web design for the best user experience possible. In social media marketing, consistency is still key. With consistency, your audience will be able to recognize your brand. With consistency, your audience will be able to identify your tone and voice. With consistency, you will be able to gain traction on the audience you aim to interest.

That being said, what about social media marketing do you always have to be consistent about? Several things, actually:

1. The Voice

The voice, or tone, of your social media messages, must be as consistent as possible. This way, when people read your content, they know that it is still coming from you and not someone else. However, this doesn’t mean you can pick any tone and stick to it.

What Voice Should I Pick?

How you pick your tone should also be consistent with who you are talking to. If you are talking to adults, you will use a different tone than if you were talking to teens. There is just a different way that these different age groups expect during any type of communication, so be wary of this. Other factors that can also affect your tone include gender, interests, locations, and more, all of which you need to study about your audience.

2. The Posting

When we talk about posting, we’re talking about the schedule of your posting. Keeping a consistent schedule allows your audience to know when to expect your next upload. This is a great way to maintain their attention, and keep them on their toes for the next update. On the other hand, the lack of consistency will only leave people wondering, even frustrated. This is something you do not want to ever subject your audience to.

How Often Should I Post?

On that note, be sure to create a schedule you can keep up. Whether it is once every day or once every week, your social media content needs to be something you can deal with in the long term. This way, you do not burn yourself out trying to keep up with an insane schedule while still providing enough content to keep your audience interested.

3. The Content

With the content itself, you need to be focused and consistent. In other words, be relevant! The content you share needs to relate to your business, and it needs to be valuable to customers.

What Content Should I Share?

When it comes to the actual content you are sharing, you can still play around with emotions. For example, you can create tear-jerking content, or you can create funny content. The tone of your content and the main topic should elicit a response from your audience, as this will make your content that much more memorable. Also, if you plan to share content make sure that the content you share is from a reputable source. Otherwise, you may find yourself sharing fake content that can ruin your reputation.


All in all, be consistent with your social media marketing’s voice, posting, and content. Doing so will help to build your brand into the image you want it to have. At the same time, your audience will also learn more about you, understanding your quirks, values, visions, and more than all relate to your brand. Once again, always remind yourself that consistency is key, and in whatever you do, be sure to remain consistent with keeping your business unique and competitive!

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