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Our Guide to Increasing Brand Presence on Social Media

Differentiating yourself from other businesses will help you get your first customers. It isn’t just about your brochure or logo design. It’s about knowing your niche, or the unique combination of talents, interests, and proficiencies that lend to your brand. A niched-down brand is more trustworthy, and it gets more customers as a result.

Furthermore, when you have your niche, it will be easier for you to build a ‘tribe’ or a community of like-minded individuals. This network will be where you get insights on your service or your offers. These people are your cheerleaders, beta testers, supporters, and even brand ambassadors. 

While these all sound impressive, none of these will happen if you can’t build your brand correctly. Here are three tips for building a strong brand and three websites where you can start getting the word out about your company.

Identify who you want to speak to

You can’t create a relevant brand if you don’t know to whom you want to be valuable. Since it is impossible to make everybody happy, you should identify your target audience and form your mission and brand statement around them.

It’s easier to capture the attention of a small, well-defined group of people. Pique your target market’s curiosity and give them a reason to look for you and your website or blog. Build your website in a way that guides them through a specific journey that ends with them connecting with your brand on a personal level.

You must also publish posts to which other blogs or websites can link back. Doing so will raise your profile and make you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Create engaging and useful content

Once you have your target audience, you can start structuring campaigns or content plans around them. Instead of posting whatever you want, convert your posts into ‘paths’ for your audience to discover your brand.

Posting relevant content will increase your follower count. It would be perfect if you could publish items that are different from what your competitors are posting but are still relevant to your niche. 

Choose Appropriate Social Media

After identifying who to address and what to tell them, you have to find the best place to publish. Your audience most likely uses one or two social media sites, so you have to know which ones these are for you to maximize your reach.

Branding plays an integral part in audience engagement, especially on these platforms. Since you can’t be in front of every single person, you have to use graphics, copies, and videos to speak for you. 

You must also be available for customers as much as possible. Have an open line of communication 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If this is not possible, arrange for a system that helps you manage the queries when you can’t be there personally.

FAQs on how to promote your brand on social media

For what and when should I use Facebook?

Casual and conversational posts do better on this platform than corporate-sounding updates. You can let your audience know about sales and promotions, upcoming events, and new products on Facebook. At first, you would have to share various types of content and track which ones get responses from your audience.

Find the right balance in posting on this platform as well. If you post too little, you will see a decrease in your engagement rates since your audience might not be viewing your posts on their timeline. Conversely, giving your target market with too many posts might annoy and drive them away.

How should I post on Instagram?

Instagram marketing relies on visual appeal more than the other two on this list. They also have different formats for posts—some posts run for 24 hours, and some are permanent. You can also incorporate your Facebook and Instagram strategies since they are affiliates.

High-quality posts, paired with consistency, make a brand successful on Instagram. When you post, be sure that you are producing relevant content. As much as three times a day is fine, so long as there is consistent audience engagement. It depends, though, on how much of an impact visuals have on your market. 

How do I use LinkedIn for brand building?

Of these three platforms, LinkedIn is the most buttoned-up in that people primarily use it as a business network. On LinkedIn, users show a professional side to their personality, so brands must adopt this when engaging customers. Encourage your employees to share your content with their contacts. LinkedIn is fast becoming a leading place for prospecting, so you must frequently post here as well.

Social media, unlike traditional kinds, lets you speak with your audience directly. Interactions like these create a personal relationship, which is valuable in building a business.


When you’re just starting your business, you’re probably hoping to make a mark as soon as possible. It isn’t easy to compete with brands with a track record, so you have to find a way for you to stand out in the minds of consumers.

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