Creative Ways to Make Your Business Cards More Useful

Every person in business is familiar with the business card. This tiny card is what people give to other people to introduce themselves and their line of work. It is a small card that provides people with details about their company. Its small size is what makes it possible for people to keep them in their wallets. However, in a world where everything is digital, is it still necessary today? 

Indeed, there are many creative ways to promote your business or your profile today other than traditional business cards. Still, having a tangible representation of your business can make a huge difference. If you want to make your business cards more attractive and productive, here are some creative ways you can explore:

Turn Them into Loyalty Cards

Make sure that people do not just throw away your business cards by giving them another purpose. One method is turning your cards into loyalty cards. Let one side of the card be that space where you would stamp every time your customer makes a transaction in your store. Since they are small enough to be placed on wallets and pockets, they might bring the card all the time. 

Add a Handwritten Thank You Card

Let your customers appreciate your card better by turning it into a thank you card. If they purchase in your store, give them a handwritten thank you note with your business details at the back. Should they decide to keep your sweet and simple note, they would remember to flip it to get your important information. 

Make It Part of the Packaging

If you want your business card to be extra helpful, allow it to work and be part of your packaging. Suppose you own a line of earrings. How about printing out cards to serve as your jewelry backing? It can creatively package your earrings and bear the details of your business. Since they would most likely keep the jewelry container, you can ensure that they would take care of your calling cards as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Cards

What should you write on business cards?

Include only vital information in your business card. It should at least have your identification and business details. Write your name, title, business address, phone number, email address, and website. 

What business card material is better? 

The material depends on your purpose or industry. If you plan to print out an image on your business card, such as a professional headshot, a glossy business card might be better than matte. It also offers better protection, ensuring that your business card is durable and long-lasting. 

How thick should your business card be?

The thicker your paper, the more professional your business might look. The safest would be a 14-point cardstock. It is not too thick but also not thin. It provides enough quality to give a good impression. 


Business cards are part of your branding, and they can create many opportunities. Make sure it is a good representation of your business. It should reflect your business characteristics and also provide potential clients with the necessary information. You can follow traditional designs or be creative and experimental. No matter what design you end up with, make sure it does its purpose and gets a positive impression from people. 

Let professional graphic designers take care of your business cards’ layout. They can ensure your business card conveys what your business is all about in the most effective way possible. We Believe That is a digital marketing agency that offers graphic design services. We know what works in the business to create a design that would do the job for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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