4 Great Ways to Make Embossed Business Cards Better

Business cards are still widely used by businesses today to disseminate contact information. It is only logical that these cards should look their best as they can be a business’s first impression. How do you make a dull business card stand to potential business partners and customers? Here are some incredible ways:

Pick Elements to Emboss

The great thing about embossing is you get to pick which parts are emphasized. In effect, it produces a tactile texture that elevates the experience of holding a business card. Embossing a card gives a balance between playfulness and seriousness. Most of the time, businesses who choose embossed cards prefer their logos to be protruded for emphasis.

Use Blind Embossing

A business card that stands out does not always mean full-colour printing. There is a type of embossing called blind embossing that produces embossed textures on the card for a more tactile feeling. The embossed parts don’t have to have colour on them, but they will stand out because of their feeling when touched. The colourless emboss on the surface of the paper has a much stronger optical expression compared to plain paper.

Combine with Gloss Foil Accents

If you prefer more emphasis on the embossed parts, emboss your cards with gloss foil. The luminance of the gloss foil highlights the small details, making them more noticeable. However, if you’re going for a gloss foil finish, avoid using paper that is the exact contrast of the gloss you plan to use. Coloured papers in black, or any darker shade, make it difficult for the gloss to reflect light. In effect, it may only seem like you have an embossed card without the gloss showing through.

Be Creative

The best way to make your cards stand out is to have fun designing them. Since you have a basic knowledge of embossing, why not use multiple techniques to create a unique design? In a way, you get to be the only one who has those card designs. Do not be afraid that the embossing methods overlap with each other. The overlapping design can make it one of a kind. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best paper for business cards?

Cardstock is the best and most popular paper type for business cards. Since business cards leave the first impression on people, invest in the quality of the cardstock used for printing. There are high-quality variants like 14-pt cardstock and 16-pt extra-thick cardstock available at affordable prices.

What is the best paperweight for business cards?

The standard paper weight should be 300GSM or higher. That’s around 14-pt or 0.014 inches thick. 

What is the best font size for business cards?

If you’re using the standard size of business cards—8.9 cm x 5.1 cm in the US and 8.5 cm and 5.5 cm in the UK—a 10-pt font size should be the perfect size for readability. Designers say that you can choose a font size between 8-pt to 11-pt, but 10-pt appears to be ideal.


Business cards are tools in selling your business or brand. Ensure that the cards you hand out to potential clients or business partners reflects well on your business. By embossing them, it can give an impression that you’re serious with what you do while being creative and innovative. 

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