Designing Your Website to Be More Interactive

Interactive websites are an indication of modern marketing and branding. 

There used to be a time when people would simply go online and read about a brand or a company, all typewritten in black text over a plain, white background. Nowadays, you wouldn’t be able to get past a website without scrolling through its many sections and colorful user interface. You can thank modern marketing for this, as they’ve continuously motivated the introduction of new ideas and innovations for web designs.

With all of that being said, one of the many innovations that stood out from this would be interactive websites.

Interactive websites exhibit responsive designs, meaning that almost everything you’d see on-screen would most likely be “clickable.” It is also divided into many sections, and in order to check out these other segments, you may click or scroll in a specific direction. Some would even motivate you to scroll left or right, a surprising add-on from the usual up and down scroll direction of normal websites.

Making a Website More Interactive

There are many ways of designing your website to be more interactive. While some may point out its user interface, others would focus more on the foreground elements. If you’re looking for tips on how to accomplish this, look no further than the following pointers.

Optimizing the Web Page for Touchscreens and Smartphones

It is true that while technology had paved the way for many innovations, there were also many challenges that occurred along with them. 

The advent of smartphones pushed web designers to their limits with the introduction of touch screens. There used to be a time when websites were made with only clickable and scrollable elements; nowadays, that isn’t even enough. The user interface should now respond to hand gestures, finger swipes, and tapping motions. It should be as responsive as a mouse click and as smooth as a desktop application!

Designing a Responsive Grid

This one actually focuses on screen size. This means that no matter the screen size of the user’s monitor, the website would automatically adjust to it. 

Take note that this is different from the resolution, which relies on pixels. Leaning more towards an adjustable grid would ensure that no matter the screen size, may it be as big as a flat-screen or as small as a smartphone, the outcome would always be clear and crisp and not pixelated or blurred.

Choosing a Customizable Web Design Platform

Many web design platforms offer various functionalities, but perhaps the most valuable feature would be its customizability. This would make things easier for you when adding or removing interactive content and interface. It may also offer the ability to modify codes, enabling you to make your own interactive content without any obstacles.

FAQs: Websites and Interactive Interface

Why Do I Need an Interactive Website?

An interactive website would motivate your target audience to engage further with the brand. It would also enable them to have a unique user experience, resulting in brand recognition and retention.

Are Interactive Websites Difficult to Create?

No, as a matter of fact, there are many web design platforms nowadays that would enable you to come up with your own user interface with just a few clicks. Most of them are even customizable according to your liking and preference.

Are There Limitations to What I Can Put in an Interactive Website?

You may post text articles, videos, images, and even sound files. There aren’t really many limitations when it comes to web design per se; however, you should discuss it with a professional web design service to ensure feasibility. Your only benchmark and boundary would be the concept, the core message, and the strategized reputation of the brand.


Websites have gone a long way since their inception many decades ago. Their appeal has been continuously successful due to the modern innovations and marketing designs. Watching them evolve into something interactive is truly a sight to behold, one that would make its mark amongst target audiences for the foreseeable future.

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