Here’s Why You Should Still Have Business Cards

Here’s Why You Should Still Have Business Cards

Today, everything is done digitally. People are now writing emails instead of snail mails, and sending memes via instant messaging apps is the new love note. Technology has improved people’s way of living, and it brought so much convenience. Meetings can be held online, and searching for information can be done in a few clicks. All these practices make people wonder if having tangible things, like a business card, is still useful today.

If you have second doubts about printing a card for your business, here are four reasons to pursue it.

1. Gives all important information

A business card contains vital information about your business, such as your contact number, email address, and website. These are the immediate details your clients need to reach you, all laid out in a compact card they can put inside their wallets. With a business card within their reach, there is no need to search the web to get these details. 

You might be thinking that information like these is now easily shared via digital devices, but not all phones are compatible with each other. Having a printed business card is still the easiest way to share contact information with potential clients and partners.

2. Leaves a positive impression 

In today’s highly digitized world, having a tangible and well-designed business card can leave a positive impression on you and your business. In some cultures, giving out business cards is the norm. In Hong Kong, they will expect you to hand out your business card when they give theirs. In Japan, the quality of your business card reflects that of your business. If you want people to remember your business in a good way, give them a professionally designed and beautifully printed business card.

3. Improves personal interaction

When you hand out a business card, you get more than a quick exchange. Sometimes giving a business card can create mini conversations between you and your potential client. If your card captures their interest, they will surely ask you for more information about your business. Giving out your card would also lead to introducing yourself, shaking each other’s hands, and more personal interaction. This warm exchanges can help build trust. It has a way better impact than leaving an impression on someone through a random and short greeting. 

4. Serve as a marketing and networking tool

Business cards act more than your collection of information. It also serves as your mini business ad. When you encounter people needing your assistance, you can quickly provide them with your business information through your card, and there is a higher chance for them to remember you. People can also use your card when they refer you to others. With the help of business cards, you have a more chance of generating sales.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Cards

1. How do I make my business cards?

Several free business cards templates exist online. You can try to use these templates if you want to get free options. However, if you want a business card that truly reflects your business, asking a professional designer to work on a customized design can give you a more effective and unique card design.

2. What makes a good business card?

Your business card should be able to communicate your business well. The design should be professional looking and matches your brand image. If you have an existing website and other business pages, your business card’s style should be consistent with your online visual presence. More importantly, your card should give clear information about you or your business. 

3. What makes a business card effective?

An effective business card should have three essential key elements: a relevant concept, a great design, and a good message. When your business card has all these elements, you will have a card that will give a long-lasting positive impression. Moreover, it will help build a positive impact on your business and you as a businessperson.


No matter how high-tech things are, classic items, such as business cards still have their magic. As an entrepreneur, consider having a business card to give out to potential clients and customers. It is a conventional way of marketing yourself and your company while giving more benefits to your business.

For your creative needs, such as logo design, brochure, flyer, and even business card design, we are here to help. We Believe That is a business card design agency in Montreal, contact us today to learn how our services can boost your business.  

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