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Earning Double-Tapped Hearts: 3 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Business

Marketers in today’s digitally-oriented landscape know that social media marketing is a crucial pillar that drives modern businesses’ growth, especially since it acts as the bridge that connects brands with its respective target audiences. 

There’s plenty of channels to choose from in your virtual arsenal, but Instagram rises on the top as the sweetheart amongst the social media roster. With over one billion active users, it has become a powerful tool that can put your business in the spotlight.

It forces you to create visual content that steals attention and tells stories, making every double-tapped hearts a contemporary way of fueling your feed’s engagement. There’s no doubt that Instagram is a key component in marketing, but this begs the question: how does it help different SEM businesses?

Benefit #1: Instagram Puts A Face Behind Your Brand 

More than any other social media platform, the reason Instagram has become the leading marketing boon is its uncanny ability to unmask corporations. It’s a channel that focuses on delivering visual content to share your narrative, which means you can reveal more powerful insights that can show how your brand is not another faceless business. 

The boom in Instagram Stories proves that it’s an avenue that drives audience connection, allowing your business to post clips that display your uniqueness. Whether it’s posting stories of your day, snaps of your in-house employees on the action, or a live Q&A with your consumers, Instagram gives more soul to your marketing in more ways than one.

Benefit #2: Instagram Can Put A Pedal On Boosting Your Visibility 

It’s easy to think that start-ups and other SEM businesses will find it challenging to attract attention, but platforms like Instagram can even the playing field as it can put your message on the feeds of your audience so long as you have the right hashtags with your compelling copy. 

Hashtags have quickly become the mainstay in pop culture, but it’s a saving grace in businesses as it pushes you to stay on top of trends. It’s a simple way to get more eyes on your post, reaping up to a whopping 12.6 percent engagement rate compared to those without hashtags. 

Benefit #3: Instagram Introduces You To A Massive Audience 

Instagram is a channel that challenges your creativity and demands interactive, visual stories to drive your content marketing, but the most crucial detail is that your posts have the potential to tap a massive audience.

Ranking as the most popular social networks worldwide with over one billion monthly users, you can catch more attention on Instagram by a significant margin compared to Facebook, Pinterest, Or Twitter. 

The Bottom Line: Refining Your Online Presence On Social Media To Catapult Your Brand Ahead Of The Competition

Instagram is now a cornerstone of social media marketing as it pushes businesses in a sea of consumers, allowing your brand to float ahead of the competition in terms of racking your brand awareness. 

Why is Instagram the Best Platform to Boost Your Social Media Engagement?

While Facebook holds the record when it comes to reaching a broader audience, Instagram offers a better avenue to grow your brand identity. The highly-visual platform makes posting campaigns a seamless experience, while the ability to share snippets of your day, BTS and other sneak peeks using Instagram stories offer a higher engagement rate compared to other channels. 

Why is Social Media Important in Business?

Compared to other digital solutions, social media brings you closer to your target audience. Tailoring your advertising to specific demographics is also easier, but it all boils down to its ability to make genuine connections and join relevant conversations with relevant people. 

Why Does Visual Content Matter in Your Marketing Strategy?

For one thing, pictures can say a thousand words, which means you can express your campaigns in a deeper sense using compelling imagery. Not to mention, visual campaigns garner a 650 percent higher engagement rate compared to other forms of content. 

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for a social media manager that can help you create engaging content and build a substantial online presence, we’re the right experts to call! Beyond giving your social media a much-needed overhaul with our client-centered approach, we also offer other digital marketing services in Montreal to boost your bottom line – from SEO, content marketing, paid to advertise, and more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help skyrocket your bottom line. 

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