Dos and Don’ts in Creating a Flyer That Will Catch Attention

Advertising has evolved in so many ways over the years. With all the advances in technology, marketing a product or service has become more and more competitive. A lot of companies or organizations do direct tie-ups or use paid promotion across multiple social media platforms. Instagram marketing, for example, is extremely prevalent; aside from the boosted posts, influencers have dedicated paid posts wherein they advertise products and services.

Flyers are one of the facets of advertising that has withstood the test of time. Whether in print and being distributed in malls and put on bulletin boards or online as ads in themselves, there is a world of possibility with flyers. However, competition is stiff, and catching the attention of a potential audience or customer can be difficult unless one stands out.

Here are some dos and don’ts in creating a flyer that will catch attention:

  • DO know your target audience. Have a full understanding of who you’re targeting, and have a clear goal regarding the entire campaign. Before looking into the content or the flyer design, do research to see what kind of graphics will suit your needs. This is also key for you to know where the flyers should be distributed in the first place.
  • DON’T forget to add a call-to-action. While this seems like a simple thought, advertisements actually have a tendency to forget this in lieu of giving out details regarding the product or service.
  • DO keep your title short and visible. Whether you’re advertising a new item on a restaurant menu, or something like plumbing services, it helps drive the point home. Keeping it centred also helps since centralized text is generally the first thing noticed on flyers.
  • DON’T put low-quality graphics or photos. This is particularly key for online flyers. To get an idea of the quality that should be expected upon printing, zoom in up to 300% at the printable size. Blurry or grainy images will equate to low-quality work in general on your end.
  • DO hire a good web designer. Web designers are generally responsible for both the design and layout of a website, whether it’s brand-new or in need of an upgrade. They will know the best course to take with the flyer and seamlessly integrate it across your digital branding. In the long run, investing in quality web design will bring an incredible return on investment.
  • DON’T just focus on how the flyer looks. Yes, the design is vital and it’s what will get people to look in the first place. However, the design has to be functional. Having a well-designed flyer is pointless in the end if it does not contain succinct information and a call to action.
  • DO make a good and lasting impression. No matter what style and elements the design of your flyer ultimately contains, be sure that it will create a positive impact on the viewer. After all, it is the first thing potential customers will see with regards to your brand, product, or service.


An advertisement can make or break a sale. In the case of leaflets, putting a lot of thought into them is vital for creating an impact on the viewers. Despite the fast-changing market and the continuous advancements in technology, flyers have stood the test of time as an effective advertising tool.

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