Digital Marketing: 3 Advantages of Using Social Media

Digital Marketing: 3 Advantages of Using Social Media

Strengthening your online presence is an essential part of running a successful business. Today’s modern consumers are all about finding and engaging with companies through digital platforms. Because of this, brands, both large and small, are competing for the attention of online audiences.

Understanding social media marketing’s effects on businesses

Developing your business’s social media presence is an excellent way to give your potential customers what they want. It allows you to increase brand awareness, optimize customer engagement, and boost your referral rates.

In this article, we will share three advantages that businesses get from using social media platforms.

1. Diversifies customer engagement

Internet connectivity allows people to visit social media sites even while they’re on the go through their mobile devices. It enables businesses to explore different ways to engage with their customer base. Besides using your social media profiles as a convenient customer helpdesk portal, you can interact with your clients through posts, polls, and even live streaming content. These different methods can help increase brand awareness while also fostering a healthy community of committed subscribers.

2. Increases website traffic on your company website

Keep in mind that your customer engagement doesn’t end with your social media platforms. These are merely gateways to attract them to your company website. By developing your social media channels, you can discover different ways to redirect online viewers back to your company site. Joining online communities and engaging with subscribers are excellent ways to tap into and maintain markets that already have a following in these social networks.

3. Opens opportunities for referral marketing

When your customers follow you on your social media profiles, they can easily share your posts with their mutuals. It’s the technological equivalent of referral marketing, only in digital spaces. These shares, tags, and comments on your page’s posts increase your content’s overall engagement. This allows social media network algorithms to promote and highlight your posts as relevant content on your customer’s feeds.

Social media marketing FAQs

The development of social media over the years is continually facing improvements and adaptations to modern consumer behavior. Because of this, some business owners may be reluctant to test social media marketing’s impact. Here are some frequently asked questions about social media, answered for your benefit:

  • How important is social media engagement for businesses?

It does more than accumulate followers across different social platforms. Businesses benefit from it through better marketing reach, brand recognition, and higher ROI, which allows them to connect with a broader customer demographic.

  • Should companies be on social media platforms?

Social media platforms offer various benefits to business owners. Besides better brand recognition, business profiles on these platforms allow better exposure, visitor traffic, and market insights back to their official websites.

  • Which social media platform has the highest social media engagement?

Although Facebook is still the leading name for social media, platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are following at a close second. It’s because these platforms have different ways to engage users through the diversity of their content formats. As a general rule, a 2% engagement rate is a decent mark to reach.


Technology is always evolving, which is why small business owners should also keep up with their latest trends. Social media’s advantage as a powerful brand marketing tool is the great equalizer in the digital market. It allows independent businesses to compete against long-standing companies. As a business owner, you should learn how to optimize it to your company’s benefit.

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