Spokesperson Video

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Get High Quality Video Content & Take Advantage Of An Entirely New Traffic Channel

What Is Spokesperson Videos?

With a spokesperson video, we turn your existing content into short, conversational videos. You can use these videos to grow your Youtube channel and publish on your website!

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? By using our SEO-optimized, professional videos, you can take advantage of an entirely new traffic channel!

On top of that, by adding video to your website, you’ll increase your engagement, dwell time, and your rankings!

Full Feature HD Video

What You Get With A Spokesperson Video:

  • Your Content Transformed To A Video Script
  • Professional Spokesperson / Talking Head
  • Professional Images, Video B-Roll & Title Cards
  • We include your CTA at the end of the video
  • HD quality video export

How It Works

  • Step 1
    Purchase A Spokesperson Video
    Just purchase a Video and give us a few details, including a link to your original content that you’d like to use. Upload your logo and send us a link to any additional footage or images you’d like to see in your video.

  • Step 2
    Video Production
    We’ll edit your content into an engaging video script, then we film, edit, and produce a high quality video. Video length is dependent on the amount of content you send us, but will not exceed 5 minutes.

  • Step 3
    HQ Export & Delivery
    We’ll deliver a HD quality export you can use to upload to youtube, your website, or any video channel. We also deliver you an SEO optimized video title, tags and description to use in your upload.


What do I need to get started?

All you need is an original piece of content that we can turn into a script. If you need a blog post written, you can check out our content marketing product.


What information is required to place an order?

To see what a sample input form looks like, click here.


Can I see an example of a blog post and video together?

Sure! Here’s an example of how we took seed content and turned it into a video, then embedded the video on the blog. Want to see this all together? Check out the blog and video pairing below: Click here.


Where does the video footage come from?

We use stock footage from many different reputable sources for our B-roll. This B-roll will be relevant for your video and niche. The sources we use can supply us with tens of thousands of options.

We also try to use anything that you send us!


Can you do videos longer than 5 minutes?

With our current process, the video will not be longer than 5 minutes no matter how long the seed content is.

We’ve found through our research that viewers drop off in a video much before the 5 minute mark and these would take longer to write, film and edit. At our current pricing and process, this sort of request unfortunately would not scale.


How much seed content do you need?

Your script depends on the content you send us.

If your seed content is below 250 words your video will be less than 2 minutes.

The longer in length, the longer the script.

Sometimes for larger pieces of content, 3000 words+, we will use the most relevant points and talking points in the content.


Can you have someone demonstrate how to use my ____ product in the video?

Unfortunately, a how to video for specific products is not something we are able to do at this stage of the product. However, if you have footage of your product you would like to include, just send it over when you purchase.


My entire brand depends on having a “female/male” spokesperson. Can I put in a special request for gender?

On your order form, you are able to choose between male or female. You can also choose between casual, business casual, or business professional attire – however, we are limited on age and ethnicity options at the moment.

We will try our best to meet all client requests. You can do that by ask a question


Can I send you my own images, footage and company logo for use in the video?

Yes you can use your company logo in the video. There is a spot on the order form to upload your logo.

You can also send us a link to any images or footage you would like to see used in your video.