Content Marketing

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Do you want your content marketing to convert your readers into leads?

Content Marketing Features

Content Creation

The customer only cares about the quality of the content. It will be a big win for you if the needs and expectations of the customer are going to be met or superseded. Are you answering the questions your customers are actually asking?

Content Curation

Show your target audience you are not only interested in getting them to open their wallets but you are also interested in educating and informing them of the latest developments within your industry. Avoid making your customers view your company as a ‘what’s in it for me’ kind of business.

Content Optimization

Find out who your audience is, what solutions or products they are searching for, and what sort of challenges are affecting them? Content optimization is only effective when there is a clear picture of the target customer. Identify specific keywords which will spark the most interest within your customers.

Content Distribution

A vital factor in determining whether the results you are anticipating will be achieved is succeeding in getting a vast majority of your target audience to see your content. Modern PR techniques will be used including: maximizing the potential of *social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more…

Content Analytics

At the heart of many thriving businesses today, quality content is searchable. Analytics make it possible to determine the level of visibility for the content on your site; for instance, through the total shares and click count of a specific piece of content. Using analytics you can know for sure if your content marketing strategies are really working.

Content Planning

Effective content marketing requires consistency in delivering content, a good balance between promotional and informative content, plus proper ongoing engagement with your customers. A well drawn out plan of executing this strategy is crucial. It is like playing chess; every move should be a winning move, otherwise, you’re toast.

Content Research

Content marketing works well when your customers believe your word to be reliable. Inconsistencies or an inability to provide first-rate information can badly taint your reputation. To influence your target audience and best advertise your brand, you must prove you have expert knowledge of your industry. The quality of your content will tell all.

Content Audience

Traffic, which does not result in genuine leads, does not increase your sales. The kind of traffic that is good for your business is one made of people actually looking for your product. They are the audience you should have in mind when generating content for marketing your brand.

Content Strategy

Harness the power of content marketing through a unique strategy on how to create and distribute quality content among your target audience. Keep in mind the choice of customer segments, distribution techniques, type of content, frequency of publishing, and the intensity of engagement all boils down to one thing: Strategy.

Content Objectives

Amidst all the content planning, research, and analytics you do, the goal must be clear: to enjoy the highest rate of conversions from leads to loyal customers. An expanding clientele will automatically reflect in your sales and ROI margins. Increasing conversions should act as a sounding board for evaluating your content objectives.

Content Calendar

You need to keep track of what has, or is, to be done on a daily basis. To accurately gauge the progress being made, there has to be a content calendar which orders the execution of events in a systematic manner. An editorial calendar allows you to best prioritize your efforts.

Your content is not meant for anyone but your customers. As long as your keywords, topics, phrases, and slang speak to the hearts of primary customers, there is no limit for your business. To please your customers, learn how to think just like them.

Features Recap.
  • Content Network
    • Wordpress
  • Content Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
    • 8 Articles
    • 500 words
    • Plagiarism Analysis
    • Search Engine Optimization  
    • Deep Research
    • Free Revisions
    • Published Authors and Journalists
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Proofreading
    • Copy Editing
  • Content Curation  
  • Content  Calendar
  • Content Engagement
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Advertising


"B2B marketers allocate 28 percent of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing. The most effective allocate 42 percent, and the most sophisticated/mature allocate 46 percent. (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs)"


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