Podcast Production

$1,750.00 1,750.00

Let us polish your podcast projects - edits, mixes and restorations

Podcast Production is a premium quality service that provides you with a professionally edited podcast using audio cleanup, restoration, and sound effect design. A team of sound editors and engineers will deliver a clean mix with pristine sound, bringing joy to the ears of your listeners. Achieve more with less - scale your audio production with us!


Fast and predictable turnaround

Our technology accurately predicts turnaround times based on the type of project. A professional production managers ensure prompt delivery every time.


Satisfaction guarantee

We are fanatical about your experience; if you don't like the work, you don't pay for it, period!


Ready-to-use podcasts

Podcast files are delivered in MP3 and M4A, and broken into as many files as you like. Ready to use and publish everywhere.


Quality control

Sound engineers ensuring you'll receive a deliverable that exceeds your expectations.



Qualified sound engineers work on all your projects. Only the top 2% of those who collaborate with us get accepted.



No commissions, no hidden fees, no royalties. With us, all recording rights belong solely to you.



Step 1 - Build a brief and start your project.

Just pick what you want based on your needs.


Step 2 - Post-produce the recordings

Our creative team will engineer your raw files. Unwanted noise will disappear, while intros, ad breaks, and outros will be added.


Step 3 - Review your podcast.

Receive your ready-to-use podcast. You can choose to be uploaded to your site and distributed it across podcasting platforms (like Spotify or Apple Podcast).


Step 4 - Iterate and improve.

You can opt-in on extract analytics from your audience, and make it recurrent with the subscription option. Everything that you need to engage your users and build an audience.

We'll help you define the concept, write the script, provide the host, execute the recordings, and publish and distribute however you need!


What's included?

  • Concept & Script.

  • Recording with a host.

  • Editing.

  • Publishing.

  • Distribution.

  • Analysis.


You'll pay only for the first episode. And every week/month for the next one. No contract, cancel anytime!



Add useful and easily searchable content to your site by getting your episode beautifully transcribed by our human editors. No bot software here.


Ad break creation

Monetized? Get an advertisement break in your podcast, Beginning, Middle, End? Wherever you want.


Custom episode show card

Have a well-branded podcast, with a custom image that will show up on iTunes et al.


SEO optimized show notes

Get your episode found by fans organically. These show-notes add more written content to your website better letting your fans know what each one is about.


Intro/outro music

Allow your listeners to recognize your podcast early with well-matched music underscoring your intro and outro.


Advertisement optimization

Let us reach to potential advertisers for you to help you get monetized. *Only available after 1000 downloads across all platforms.