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4 Ways to Create a Strong Marketing Strategy During the Holidays

The holiday season is easily one of the most hectic times for businesses, particularly those in the retail sector. Given the rapid growth of eCommerce, online companies are sure to enjoy the heavy traffic and increased sales headed their way as the calendar year comes to an end. However, it can be difficult for businesses to compete with large companies offering steep discounts in the saturated marketplace.

Fortunately, by having a strong marketing strategy in place, your small business can take advantage of the most profitable time of the year. By understanding your audience to the core and planning ahead of time, you’ll make sure that your Facebook and Instagram marketing keeps your business front and center of your customers’ minds. Here are four ways to implement a strong marketing strategy during the holidays:

1. Plan Early 

Although the holidays used to consist of just Christmas and Hanukkah, with November Thanksgiving for Americans, many retail businesses have expanded to include Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday in their promotions. There are over 50 multinational celebrations in the last two months of the year, making planning in advance a must. 

To create a successful holiday season for your business, you’ll have to establish your key performance indicators or KPIs. Create marketing and sales goals that are specific, measurable, and realistic. That way, you can create a plan geared towards achieving these goals, helping to enjoy a profitable holiday period. 

2. Stick With Simple Campaigns

Many people will feel overwhelmed by the many sales and special offers coinciding, so if you want to improve your sales, less is more in this case. The easier it is for your audience to understand your campaign, the more likely they’ll buy from you. Ensure that your marketing strategy focuses on product benefits while emphasizing what makes it unique and then combining it with an attractive offer. You’re sure to enjoy more profits this way. 

3. Concentrate on Successful Products 

There’s a good chance that your customers have waited for a special deal at the year’s end to buy successful products, so now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot. Your most successful products are likely to make great gifts, so create a special deal around these and promote them during the holidays. Figure out your most standout products and combine them with special packaging to create a stellar customer experience. However, ensure that you maintain a high-quality product and service throughout the season, or else you’ll receive strong complaints on your social media platforms and websites. 

4. Create Sincere Promotional Campaigns 

For your promotions to really impact your audience, you’ll have to come up with genuine campaigns that offer significant savings or a good deal on your products. Most customers nowadays have a curated shopping strategy, which means they won’t be impressed by mediocre discounts, as they can quickly turn to competitors for a better deal. 

If you can’t afford the price cut, you can instead couple their purchase with a donation in their name to a charity, taken from all the profits in that period. The holiday season is a giving season, so appealing to their benevolent spirit is sure to help you create a sincere connection with your audience while reaching your intended sales target. You can also select a special event for this, like Cyber Monday or any day in December, that will mark your bonuses or steep discounts. Doing so will create your goalposts for the season, allowing you to plan smaller events around them. Your promotional campaigns should also focus on these events.


Staying on top of your Twitter marketing and other social media platforms will help you stay relevant throughout the holidays. Your audience’s feeds will likely be saturated with special deals from various businesses, making it crucial for you to stand out. By keeping these four strategies in mind, you’ll create a well-planned campaign that caters to both new and existing customers, capturing a successful holiday season for your business.

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