4 Tips for a Smart Twitter Marketing Campaign – What to Know

Twitter has been around for more than a decade. It has also undergone significant changes over the years. What remains the same is that it is still a powerful tool that businesses can use to build their brand credibility, keep in touch with their customers, and widen their reach. Its “microblogging” features allow any brand or organization to stay top of mind with your followers. 

That said, Twitter marketing in Montreal, QC must be done meticulously and carefully. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling your online reputation instead of establishing it. 

To help you get started on the right track, here are four tips worth following for a smart and successful Twitter marketing campaign: 

1. Promote Your Business in Moderation 

Although what you are doing is technically called “Twitter marketing”, it doesn’t have to be all about selling your product or service offering. In reality, mentioning your business too much may even cost you your followers. 

You need to strike a healthy balance between advertising yourself and sharing diverse content. You can either share informative, entertaining, or feel-good content—it’s all up to you! Just make sure that they are relevant and helpful to your followers. 

2. Use Different Media Formats in Your Tweets 

Aside from its microblogging functionalities, Twitter also lets you use emojis, photos, and gifs to bring your tweets to life. You must maximize these features while still sticking to your brand guidelines to get the best results.

Using multimedia in your regular tweets may make them more interesting for your audience. On top of that, it will certainly help your content stand out in a timeline full of text-only tweets.  

3. Use Hashtags Sparingly 

While hashtags can help your tweets get discovered, adding a lot of them in your tweets may backfire against you. 

The best practice is to include no more than two hashtags in your tweet—it could be a trending hashtag or an industry-related one. Never use three or more as this can lead to a significant drop in engagements.

4. Pay Attention to Trending Topics 

This is one of Twitter’s unique features, and it’s another one that you must pay close attention to. 

These trending topics give you a good idea of issues or subject matters that people in a certain location are talking about. Crafting content about relevant trends then helps you improve your online visibility. If done right, it can also put you in the spotlight for all the right reasons!  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Twitter good for marketing?

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is a powerful tool for marketing. Your business can use this to share regular updates and interact with your followers. Furthermore, it’s also a great platform to spread the word about your new blogs, product updates, company events, and more. Finally, you can also use it to drive traffic to your website. 

What should a business post on Twitter? 

There are a lot of things your business can post on the platform. Here are just some of them: 

  • Questions or polls to generate follower engagement 
  • Industry news
  • Promo codes or sales
  • New product launches
  • Job openings 
  • Blogs
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Funny GIFs

How many times should a business tweet per day? 

Before anything else, you should know that you are the only one who can determine the best posting frequency for your business. That said, you can start with tweeting at least five times a day, then evaluate your performance to make the necessary changes and refine your Twitter marketing strategy. 


If you are looking for a great social media channel to market your business, opting for Twitter is a smart decision. The platform has unique characteristics and features that you can use to effectively improve your online visibility, be more accessible to your followers, and improve your reach. However, you must use it wisely to truly reap its benefits and take your brand to the next level. 

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