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4 Instagram Mistakes You Should Avoid and What to Do About It

Social media is always an effective avenue for brands to get their word out to a broader audience. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, and if you want to take over this platform in 2021, you need to let go of these frequently committed IG marketing mistakes. These four things will only keep you from reaching your Instagram goals.

IG Mistakes to Avoid This 2021

1: No Consistent Timing for Posting

Being consistent with your posting schedule is key to achieving higher engagement results, but do not mistake it for over-promotion. Following a consistent posting schedule helps increase the likelihood of your content being seen by more people, and it also helps you reach more people in the process. 

Make sure to put out quality content to avoid a decline in engagements and followers. Check your Instagram insights to make sure you are posting when your followers are most active. 

2: Using Low-Quality Photos

Always remember that Instagram will always be a visual platform. Of all its elements, the image or video you post will be the main determining factor of engagement, reach, and hype. Make sure to create and post quality content that is well-lit and composed well. High-quality photos are always more outstanding than others. 

3: No Proper Engagement With Your Followers

People will be discouraged from engaging with your brand if they notice that you are ignoring them. To get the interaction you crave, you also need to give the same. Allot time in your day to look at your feed and like or comment on the posts you see. If you see comments on your posts or private messages to your account, make sure to respond to them right away. Doing so will make your account feel more personal, more human, and more appealing to your followers. 

4: Going Against Instagram’s Terms of Services

Buying followers, leaving spam comments, and doing the follow/unfollow tactics should be left behind. Instagram is keeping an eye on these highly discouraged methods. Instead of going against Instagram’s TOS, work on growing your followers the organic way. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Marketing

How should I promote my business on Instagram?

Promoting on Instagram is relatively simple. You only need to create a business page and connect it with your Facebook page. Use the Facebook Business Suite to set your ad and proceed accordingly. Publish your ad to Instagram, and it will directly target the objective and audience you set. 

How can I market my Instagram for free?

Spending is not necessary if you know how to use the free Instagram tools the right way. Use your analytics to see and understand your profile’s impressions and engagement data. Learn how to cross-promote your page, interact with your followers, utilize interactive hashtags, and be creative with your page’s content.

What should I write to promote my page on Instagram?

The most productive Instagram captions are straight to the point and include a clear call-to-action in the end. It does not matter how long or short you want your caption to be. It will work as long as you use your brand voice and align it with the platform’s lighthearted tone. Use the appropriate hashtags, too, to increase your chances of being visible to other people’s feeds. 


For effective Instagram promotion, focus on engagements and not the number of your followers. Be consistent in your posts’ frequency, tone and style, and the quality of your content. By creating an online strategy, following it, and avoiding these enumerated mistakes, you will have a successful Instagram account that can grow over time. 

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Montreal to help manage your Instagram marketing, we can help. We Believe That is a digital and creative agency that can help you increase your online traffic and convert them into active customers or subscribers. Connect with us so we can get started with your project. 

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