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4 Important Holiday Strategies in Email Marketing in 2020

The holidays bring different concerns when it comes to the field of digital marketing. Your email marketing strategy, in particular, has to be tailored to fit the season to maximize its capacity to draw in leads. Failure to adapt, after all, can only lead to your competition leaving you in the dust, as they most certainly will employ their own holiday strategies.

As such, we have created this guide with knowledge compiled from the best digital marketing agency in Montreal to help you with email marketing for the holidays. With no further ado, here it is: 

1. Use a catchy subject line

The subject line is, essentially, the first impression your potential customer will have of the rest of your email. If executed incorrectly, it will likely be the only impression they have. 

The best way to catch a recipient’s attention is to personalize it. Doing so increases the open rate for marketing emails by up to 41%, leading to higher transaction rates and revenue per email. The beautiful thing about this is that roughly only 35% of brands do this, making this an opportunity ripe for the picking. 

2. Optimise for mobile

More and more transactions are being enacted over mobile interfaces every year. It is even expected that over 1.3 billion internet users across the world will transact online regularly by 2023. That means your emails must be fully designed to be readable on smaller interfaces like phones and tablets. While users may still flock to their computers to read their emails, desktop interfaces should no longer be the priority. 

3. Enhance the seamlessness of your social media sharing

Few things are as good for a brand as a customer sharing positive opinions about it on social media. It is a great way to boost awareness of your brand organically, so it is important to keep social sharing tabs in your emails so your customer can share your promotions directly from their inbox. You might also want to consider email sharing as a marketing strategy, given that people are more likely to open emails from people they know. 

4. Avoid overusing holiday content

One of the most important things to remember is that everything is good in moderation. After all, there is nothing a digital marketing agency knows better than the fact that users actually hate overexposure to ads—let alone to holiday ads. As such, it is important to balance the amount of holiday content in your emails with some non-holiday content as well. 

Questions about these strategies

You might have a few questions about how these strategies can be enacted, so here are some answers to these possible questions:

1. When should I send the first holiday email?

If you haven’t sent them already, you should send them as soon as humanly possible. This will give your customers enough lead time to incorporate you into their holiday shopping plans. Aim to prepare holiday content in advance and have it ready to go a couple of weeks before the holidays. If you’ll be promoting Christmas deals, start sending Christmas-themed emails right after Thanksgiving!

2. How often should I send holiday emails?

As we’ve mentioned before, the average consumer actually hates being exposed too much to ads. You should be sending around one or two emails a week and nothing more. Beyond this, you might put yourself at risk of being spammy and annoying. It could even result in customers filtering your emails. 

3. Should I focus my holiday emails entirely on the season?

For many people, the holiday season is special and different. For many others, however, the holiday season is just another few months of the year where life goes on. Putting too much focus on the holidays can heighten disinterest in your promotions and your content if you choose not to diversify. 

Final thoughts 

The holidays are upon us, and that signals the need for both businesses and digital marketing agencies to up their game. After all, this is the time of year when consumers spend more than usual. That makes the holiday season an opportunity you have to plan for so you don’t miss out. You don’t want to enter the new year wishing you had done or earned more. 

If you’re looking for the help of a digital marketing agency in Montreal with your holiday promotions, send us at We Believe That a message. 

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