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3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays of 2020

Businesses in 2020 are going through an intensive transformation period, as the age-old methods were bumped out of style by COVID-19. With fewer people physically going into retail stores and lockdowns still in place in many areas of the world, this holiday season will be very different. While many companies profited from their usual selling techniques and promotional strategies, this has all been flipped upside down due to the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has taught many businesses, both old and new, that it is time to reinvent the wheel. Many traditional campaigns and strategies have become nullified, meaning that it is high time to find new ways to market and be dominant in the online sphere. Fortunately, many companies can help you get around the new normal in Canada, such as a digital marketing agency in Montreal or other areas nearby. Whether your business needs website design or Facebook marketing services, there is something to keep you up to speed.

Here are the best ways to adapt to the shift pacing of the 2020 holiday season:

It’s Best to Build An Online Presence ASAP

With lockdowns in place in some Ontario areas, there will be an enormous surge in online orders for the holidays. Online businesses can start building their websites to handle more orders and visitors without crashing, and even turn to Facebook and Instagram marketing services. Social media is a key ingredient in any online eCommerce store’s toolkit, as many organic views and clicks are gained through these platforms and apps. You’ll also have to establish your local SEO dynamics, which can help you make sales over time, so you’ll want a digital marketing agency in Montreal to help immediately. 

It also helps to let your loyal customers know your changes in operational parameters and efficiency for them to stay informed and well-aware. 

Invest In SEO Immediately

The longer you wait on the SEO game, the faster your competitors get a leg up on the ladder. Even if your content doesn’t make it up on time for the holidays, it’ll give you a boost when the situation of the world normalizes post-COVID-19. Use the time to research local keywords extensively, as these will help people discover your business quickly via a simple Google search. 

Look Into Buyer Personas

Know who you are dealing with when trying to sell your wares. Attempting to force a sale to the wrong demographic is one way to damage your conversions. You wouldn’t sell women’s gym clothing to men, so consider your target market when pushing through with advertising campaigns and other promotional opportunities. Facebook marketing does this exceptionally well, as their algorithm knows each user and can discover plenty about buyer personas to help make sales. 


1. What Is “Natural Language” In SEO?

SEO is very advanced, and Google’s algorithm is insanely intelligent. Writing and creating content that sounds human using words and phrases typically found in conversational language will rank SEO better. This ranking is because many people do searches using their voice functions, and these are generally organic-sounding phrases. When Google detects a good use of the language at hand, the engine will subsequently rank it over content that seems written by a bot. 

2. What Is the Effect of Negative Keywords In SEO?

When spending on advertising campaigns, your negative keywords are a list of unrelated terms to your business. An example would be if you do not offer free shipping or a returns policy for your items, these will be your negative keywords. You’ll need to list these down so that your ads don’t get clicked for these keywords, which wastes money on your PPC campaign due to zero conversions pushing through. 

3. Where Is Marketing Automation a Bad Idea?

Marketing automation can save plenty of time, especially knowing how many processes and specific inquiries are similar. However, it is a marketing sin to automate blog, website, and social media content creation. Automating this will destroy the natural language effect that makes SEO work correctly. 


Preparing for the holidays of 2020 entails establishing a robust online presence through digital marketing techniques and tools. However, if you weren’t able to set up shop early enough, it is never a bad idea to invest in your website’s future. Through long-term strategies like SEO and PPC advertising, you’ll meet your sales goals quickly. 

We Believe That is a digital marketing agency in Montreal, Canada, that works with small businesses and like-minded individuals to turn their goals into reality. Using cutting-edge marketing techniques and strategies, we aim to improve products, brand identities, and the overall services offered by a business. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of content marketing and other digital marketing products. 

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