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3 Ways How Your Business Can Cope During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While no one knows when this pandemic will end, one thing is for sure: you should be wise in making business decisions.

You might think that stopping your online efforts will save your business for now. On the contrary, postponing your efforts will only bring higher risk in the future, including the possibility to start from zero. Instead of considering a complete halt as an option, maximize this time to improve your website and create a better online community for your employees and customers. 

Here’s what you can do instead:

Check what campaign and efforts work for your business

Now is not the best time to stop any online efforts, but this does not mean you should continue as to how you did it before. Not all that worked for your business before would work this time, and not all customers may want the same content as you produce before. 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things. It even changed the buying habits of your customers. Take this downtime as the chance to study your market closely. Consider the “new normal” as a challenge to come up with a strategy that will be effective and productive. 

Now is also your chance to let go of some campaigns that are not relevant to the present situation. Check if Facebook marketing is more effective to you than YouTube marketing. This way, you get to limit your expenses too.

Update your site

Another way to make this period productive is to update your site. Make it more convenient for you and your customers. If you have an e-commerce feature, take this time to update your inventory with the latest and complete information. This is essential especially if your business is still running and people need to see what products or services are currently available. 

Be creative and flexible

Physical interaction may be limited for now, but online interaction is still as free as before. If you offer services that will require physical interaction, which is currently impossible to do, think of ways you can work around that. Consider having online consultations or meetings with your clients and customers or preparing online presentations or videos for them to follow.

FAQs about Website Updating

1. How can I update my website?

To update your website, you need to identify or list down what changes or enhancements you need to make. Once that is done, you can either do it on your own if you’re knowledgable enough or seek the help of your web designer and web developer. It is best to work with your original supplier because they know your website best.

2. How do I announce a website update?

You can announce a website update in many ways. You can prepare a press release, newsletter, blog post, or social media posts for this announcement. Make sure to be specific about the changes or upgrades you made so that your customers or followers will not be confused and make sure to share it on all marketing platforms you have.

3. Is it easy to update a website?

Website updates can be easy or difficult, depending on the changes you’d make, but having a trusted website designer and developer will make the job easier for you.


This pandemic is a challenging time for a lot of people and businesses, but there are always creative ways to deal with it. You can turn to digital marketing experts to help your business cope with the changing times, among others.

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