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3 Ways Explainer Videos Boost Your Conversion and Engagement

Video has become deeply integrated into people’s daily routine, especially in an internet-oriented world. Gone are the days of being restricted to TV as the emergence of differently-sized screens makes it easier to watch videos anytime and anywhere, which is why it’s no surprise to see video content taking up 82 percent of the global internet traffic. 

Consumers worldwide love watching videos. And as it continues to become a powerful marketing tool, it’s worth exploring what type of video content your business can use to keep up with the competition. 

But what kind of video content would best generate results for your marketing efforts? While there are plenty of styles to consider, explainer videos are among the simplest yet engrossing mediums that can jumpstart conversion rates for businesses in more ways than one.

Why are Explainer Videos a Must-Have For Any Business? 

Benefit #1: Increase Conversions 

Consumers are increasingly more critical when judging a product or service since most only want to spend their time and money on something that will truly bring value to their lives. While expounding on the benefits and features with good copy can fill them in, an explainer video can cut through the noise, command attention, and deliver your message more effectively. 

With 80 percent of people preferring to watch explainer videos before finalizing their buyer’s journey, integrating this type of content can increase your campaign’s chances of converting curious onlookers into customers. 

Benefit #2: Builds Your Brand

On top of promoting your product or services, explainer videos are one of the easiest ways to showcase your brand’s personality since businesses have the freedom to play around with the style and delivery. From creating characters that resonate with your audience, using a unique voiceover to establish a narrative, to using visually compelling animations as you would see in the famous YouTube channel Kurzgesagt to make boring topics more captivating. 

Benefit #3: Boosts Your Credibility 

Businesses that invest in taking their marketing efforts to the next level always stand out from a saturated crowd, especially since it shows how much you care for your brand. Not only will explainer videos make you look more professional, but they will also inspire confidence in your consumers since it proves you know the ins and outs of your products or services. 

How Can Explainer Videos Improve Your Marketing?

More than put the spotlight on your brand, marketing is all about informing your audience and helping them understand your products or services on a deeper level. Quality photos alone can already say a thousand words, but explainer videos can turn your market’s engagement up to the eleventh since it directly connects with your viewers and makes complex concepts simpler to digest.

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