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3 Tips for Marketing Yourself on Pinterest

There are many ways to advertise yourself on the limitless space that is the Internet, thanks to numerous social media platforms that help companies reach their target audience better. One such avenue is Pinterest, which initially started as a website for discovering recipes and ideas for decorating your home. The visual corkboard quickly evolved into a visual search engine, offering infinite ideas and sources of inspiration for aspiring designers or DIY individuals.

If your business deals heavily in visuals, such as graphic design or photography, then you’ll want to invest in Pinterest marketing to make sure that you get discovered. Most of Pinterest’s users use the platform to find attractive photos of a particular idea or product. Since it links the image to the original website, it’s even more effective in driving organic website traffic. Here are three tips for marketing your business on Pinterest:

1. Create a Business Pinterest Profile

The first thing to do is create your business profile on Pinterest, giving you access to analytics and other vital data on the platform. Once you have your profile, you can brand yourself properly, starting with your cover board. This feature will display pins from the board at the top of your profile, which is a great place to advertise product shots and other photos from your company. 

Then, select a few showcase boards, which will appear underneath your name and bio. Be sure to choose them carefully, as these will pique your target audience’s interest and encourage them to click on the post, leading them to your website. Be sure to upload a profile photo that accurately reflects your business, like your official logo. Include a short, catchy bio that communicates your values and offerings and verify your website.

2. Develop a Content Strategy

Now that you have your profile set up, it’s time to devise a content strategy. If you’re an online store, focus on uploading well-lit, attractive product photos on your account and turn them into pins. Most Pinterest visitors browse the site to look for gift ideas or purchases for themselves, and seeing your products in beautifully taken photos will convince them to consider buying them.

You may also want to consider uploading blog post graphics, which advertise the articles you upload on your website. If you have important data to share, put them on Pinterest through infographics, which is the perfect platform to host these images. 

3. Concentrate on Your Pinterest SEO

You probably have an SEO strategy for your website, but you’ll also need one for Pinterest. Since it’s essentially an image-focused search engine, it uses its own algorithm and rules to decide what to display to users. For instance, be sure to include keywords in your name and bio naturally, so you appear in search results. You’ll also want to do the same for your pins’ titles and descriptions. However, like with regular SEO, don’t stuff them with keywords.

Keeping your pinboard titles simple and with a primary keyword will also help instead of naming then something fun and catchy. Including a board description will inform your users about what they can expect to find when browsing the board, increasing the algorithm’s chances of displaying your content to users with similar browsing behaviour.


How Do I Advertise My Company on Pinterest?

Advertising your company on Pinterest is as simple as setting up a business account, installing the Pinterest tag, and choosing your campaign goal and budget. After that, create an ad group and select your target audience. You’ll then be able to select your ad placement and include keywords and interests, which will allow the platform to display your brand to users who fit your target market.

How Frequently Should I Post on Pinterest?

Pinning at least five times a day is a good start to gain traction for your account. Pinning ten times a day should be the maximum amount.

How Do I Build My Followers on Pinterest?

Apart from following these tips, figure out who uses Pinterest and learn what’s trending on the website. Join related group boards and regularly upload original, unique content with detailed descriptions and relevant keywords. Be sure to name your Pinterest boards with intention, as this will help your audience find you!


Pinterest marketing can help your business leap ahead of competitors when you deploy the right tactics and strategies. By practicing these three tips, you’ll come up with a well-developed Pinterest profile that is sure to draw your target market’s attention and bring more organic traffic to your website!

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