3 SMB Marketing Trends in 2020 For Business Owners

3 SMB Marketing Trends in 2020 For Business Owners

SMB Marketing has been an essential part of most small and medium businesses in securing viable leads and sales for their different products and services. However, it is those that take note of the marketing trends and integrate them into their own strategies that become truly competitive and scalable. But what exactly should business owners like you keep in mind this 2020? 

This article will discuss different marketing strategies for SMB marketing specialists and their clients. Through this, we hope to empower more business owners to take risks and gain great results in engagements and customer conversions through organic traffic and SEO-based marketing. 

1. Authentic email marketing 

Email marketing has always been a known tactic among small-to-medium businesses and industry leaders from the early stages of the Internet. Nowadays, emails are often overlooked, but marketing strategists and business owners like you can use it to your advantage. 

Take advantage of authentic email marketing, a movement wherein you produce personalized content through email for high-impact sales and engagement. For example, let’s say you run a small clothing store. You can send different emails with personalized wardrobe suggestions from your actual stock to entice customers to buy. 

Email marketing allows you to compete against small-to-medium sized businesses that are focusing on other marketing strategies and markets that are largely saturated and have stagnant growth. Authentic email marketing will help you find the paying customers you need. 

2. Local influencer campaigns 

Influencers in the digital space are known mainly for their success in producing customer-focused content and high-quality lead generation. However, this space has also become crowded, with customers growing uninterested in pandering or inauthentic content. 

The best way to take advantage of influencer marketing is through the smaller and more authentic up-and-coming local influencers in your community. Their followers are often more engaged because they have a more direct connection with the influencer. You can partner with these local influencers to take part in each other’s growth. 

For example, let’s say you run a local bookstore in Montreal. YouTube marketing with local authors and other book industry figures can help you engage more customers to visit your bookstore and subscribe to your social media platforms. Launching influencer marketing campaigns will help you connect with a more targeted audience and gain sales easily. 

3. Livestreaming on social media

Different small-to-medium businesses are already posting about their stores on Facebook and Instagram. They even turn to Pinterest marketing to target specific users with particular interests. However, only a few businesses are taking advantage of live streaming, a feature on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to get customers interested in their business and the different products they have in real-time. 

As such, you should take advantage of live streaming for your personal business. You can focus on new product releases, special sales, and other customer-oriented events that your customers will appreciate. 

Be sure to consult with a professional digital marketing agency to ensure that the projections and organic traffic of your online presence are fully monitored and optimised to your live streaming success. 


  • What does the SMB in SMB Marketing stand for?

SMB means small- and medium-sized businesses, and the term SMB marketing refers to the unique strategies and branding comparable to big-business conglomerates with large-scale campaigns. 

  • Why is SMB Marketing unique and effective? 

SMB Marketing is a great way to generate leads and sales because the branding and engagement among customers are often seen as more authentic or homegrown. It can also be professional and competitive, depending on the business’s target market. 

  • How can digital marketing agencies help businesses through SMB Marketing? 

Digital marketing agencies have the industry expertise and experience with different clients to help small-to-medium businesses maximize their online presence. They can provide different services, like content marketing, website design and development, paid advertising, SEO-related services, and other related solutions designed for market-proven results. 


SMB Marketing empowers niche businesses to unleash their full branding potential through authentic engagement and comprehensive content management. Take note of the previously mentioned trends today to scale your business easily and consistently. 

We Believe That is your professional digital marketing agency in Montreal dedicated to helping small-to-medium businesses thrive in their chosen industry and beyond. We can provide SMB marketing solutions to enhance your online presence. Consult with us today and take your business to the next level. 

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