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3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement and Followers

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can give a solid voice to your brand, but more importantly, it’s also a marketer’s goldmine as it caters to over one billion active users

As modern consumers spend a dedicated portion of their time exploring social media – be it due to personal reasons or for business – there’s no doubt that leveraging Instagram is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to expand your market reach. 

While using Instagram is cost-proficient, the challenge comes with growing your following count. There are plenty of ways to do it, but the list below focuses on the tried-and-tested tricks you can do to get more people to follow your business. 

How can Your Business Draw In More Instagram Followers? 

Tip #1: Optimize Your Instagram for Search 

Marketers know that integrating search engine optimization to their website can widen their audience reach, but why should you optimize your Instagram? Posting high-quality content takes up most of your positive impressions, but you also need to ensure 

your posts are easy to search by new, potential followers.

Factors such as compelling captions and integrating relevant hashtags or keywords can do wonders for putting your brand on Instagram’s radar. Polishing the details of your descriptions, username, and even name field can also make your Instagram more search-friendly, which can ultimately boost your chances of being discovered. 

Tip #2: Mention People and Followers 

Social media is a highly interactive platform built on a diverse community of users, so it makes sense that your Instagram marketing would fair better if you establish connections with your followers, influencers, and even your brand’s muses. 

If you’re wondering how mentions can boost your Instagram engagement, then the simple answer is that sparking conversations can build rapport for your brand. Not only will it prove that you care about your audience, but mentioning people can also pique their curiosity and invite others to click on your profile. 

Tip #3: Consider Your Market’s Active Hours 

Maximizing your social media marketing involves plenty of moving factors, one of which heavily revolves around your market’s behaviours and interests. However, even if your content is worthy of double-tapped hearts, it can often get buried under new posts if you miss out on the right timing. 

This begs the question: who is your target audience, and what are their habits? The optimal time to reach your specific niche and audience highly depends on their lifestyle. However, according to Instagram’s algorithm, the standard online activity typically peaks at 8 AM to 12 PM or 4 to 5 PM PST. 

The Bottom Line: Improving Your Brand Awareness Strategy by Upping Your Follow Count on Instagram

Out of all the heavy-hitting social media channels dominating the landscape, Instagram is one of the leading pillars that can spread your business on the digital map. It’s an avenue where your brand can showcase its personality using visually impressive imagery and story-telling, but the tips above should get the marketing ball rolling for you by driving traffic to your Instagram.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Improve Your Instagram Engagement and Following?

If you’re looking for a social media manager that can help you create engaging content and build a substantial online presence, we’re the right experts to call! Beyond giving your social media a much-needed overhaul with our client-centred approach, we also offer other digital marketing services in Montreal to boost your bottom line – from SEO, content marketing, paid to advertise, and more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help skyrocket your bottom line. 

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